For the Love of Books – A letter to my niece

I recently wrote a letter to my niece. She’s not yet 2 years old but my sister-in-law set up an email address for her and sends her emails that she will share with her once she’s older and I thought it was an amazing idea so I too have begun sending her email. Below is a short little letter I sent to her because I was up early reading and thinking about her.

…It’s very quiet here in Seattle right now. It’s early morning, grey and overcast and all of the animals are sleeping. Its my favorite time & kind of day. I like to sit surrounded by the silence, it’s so peaceful. This is when I normally open a book and read. I can literally spend hours reading a good book. I’ve always loved books…for longer than I can remember. My mom told me my favorite things from the earliest of age were music, the ocean, and books.

When I was very little, about your age right now, I would grab several books and get my mom or dad to read them all to me. I began memorizing them long before I could actually read them and, as i got older, I would recite them out loud as I turned the pages.

Reading books with you, on my most recent visit, was one of my favorite things to do. You run scampering through the house and return with a book and give it to someone and then you want to sit on their lap to read. You seem to have some favorites. You have already memorized parts of one and love to participate in the reading of your favorite line in Chu’s Day Out, “AAAaaahhhhhh”. It truly makes my heart sing with delight!

I hope you always have a love for books! Books are so amazing! In my mind they are still unmatched in the exploration of the imagination. I think words, both spoken and written, have a bit of magic in them.
Books do not share the confines of visual media. The written word will put your mind to the task of imagining and building the worlds you’ll read about. I find there to be a bit of magic in that.

Books…I’ve spent my life reading them, gaining knowledge from them, finding adventure, finding escape, finding strength, finding friends in them and because of them.

A truly good book can change the way you see things, make you view the world through a new set of eyes, provide you with a perspective you might not have ever had before. Books / words really can change your life!

I hope you always love books! There are so many worlds and wonders for you to uncover! I can’t wait to share some of them with you!

I love you, Sweet Girl!


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