BareMinerals BareSkin

I have been wearing BareMinerals makeup for nearly 7 years now. I started using it because I lived in Texas and was an avid liquid foundation user and found my makeup was sweating off of my face before I could even get out of the door for work. It was a frustrating experience. So I went to Ulta and asked about BareMinerals because I didn’t understand how I could get decent coverage from a powder. One of the associates applied the foundation and I was amazed.

Fast forward…seven years later, I was chosen to be a BareMinerals Ambassador and test out their new product BareSkin. BareSkin is the new “liquid” foundation BareMinerals has created. I love the original foundation and wasn’t all that excited about a liquid foundation. It seemed to be the opposite of everything I love about this makeup. Part of my concern with a liquid foundation is the fact that once you cross the 40yr old threshold, the appearance of fine lines can be amplified by liquid foundation settling into those lines and making them more obvious. This “liquid” foundation definitely does not do that.  I use “quotes” around the word “liquid” because this doesn’t foundation doesn’t feel like a liquid foundation at all. It feels like a serum. It is a serum foundation. It is lightweight and creamy and provides a really good coverage. My skin is not only sensitive but tends to be quite dry. When applied with the Perfecting Face Brush, this foundation just glides on the skin like velvet. It feels lightweight, nourishing, moisturizing…it feels wonderful on my skin.


The coverage can be controlled by how many drops are used. Light coverage 1-2 drops, Full coverage 4 drops. I use 2 drops for each side of my face and I find I get full coverage that way. The Perfecting Face Brush was created for this foundation with a well in the middle to hold and apply the product perfectly. Just shake the bottle put the drops in the well of the brush and buff it on your skin. It glides onto the skin and has a dewy feel once it has set. This foundation, unlike most liquid foundations, doesn’t look heavy or caked on the skin with full coverage. I used the foundation multiple times and in different weather so I could get a true feel for how it wears. It doesn’t sweat off in warm weather and doesn’t wash off in the rain. It wears quite well, in fact.

This foundation, like all of the products BareMinerals produces, uses natural ingredients like coconut and jojoba and feels like a treatment for the skin.  The foundation comes in 20 shades and has an SPF of 20. It seems a wonderful product for anyone who finds it difficult to part with liquid foundation. It’s also great for dry, sensitive skin.

That being said…I do prefer the coverage I get with BareMinerals Original foundation but I think applying the original foundation takes a bit more time. BareSkin applies very quickly and is something I will use when I have less time to apply makeup and during colder seasons because it feels so moisturizing.