Crustless Quiche – Breakfast/Lunch for a Week

I don’t have much time to prepare breakfast in the mornings and it’s a meal I often just skip or pick up at Starbucks on the drive to work. I have found if I get organized and make some extra time on Sunday I can prepare breakfast or lunch for a whole week in just 30 minutes. It’s easy to mix it up with smoothies, oatmeal, or crustless quiche with my mason jar obsession. This crustless quiche recipe is perfect for a grab and go meal and it is extremely versatile and can include any ingredients you have on hand.


Crustless Quiche


10 eggs

1/2 cup of cream

6 half-pint wide mouth mason jars

meat / veggie / fresh herb fillings of your choice

3/4 cup of cheese  (I used Beecher’s Flagship Cheese)

salt & pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Grease/butter jars.
  3. Fill jars with veggies/meats / herbs of your choice.
  4. Beat eggs and cream together. Evenly divide between the baking cups/jars. Top with approximately 1 tablespoon of cheese per serving. Using a fork or spoon, carefully stir the contents of each cup/jar so that the cheese isn’t just resting on top.
  5. Place the jars on a baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes. When tops are browned, they are done.
  6. Remove from oven and let cool. You can put the lids on once they are cool enough to touch (the tops will be puffy just after baking, but they will fall as they cool). Store in the refrigerator until ready to eat. They will keep up to five days.










Almond Banana Chai Smoothie

  • Yogurt (I usually go for Greek yogurt but you can use regular)
  • Chai spices or Chai concentrate (I made my own concentrate by steeping chai tea bags in boiling water and then letting it cool.)
  • Almond Milk or any milk of your choice
  • Almond Butter
  • Frozen Banana
  • Optional – Ground Flax Seed (I like the additional nutty flavor and a little extra fiber never hurt anyone.)
  • Optional – Ice (if you want to thicken it further)

Combine everything in the mason jar, screw the blender blade onto mouth of the mason jar and blend until combined.

Note: I mix everything (except the banana & ice) together in the mason jar the night (or days) before. I add the frozen banana right before blending.

You’ll likely notice I don’t add sweetener to this. You can sweeten to your own tastes. I find the yogurt and banana seem to do the job just fine for me but I’d likely add honey if I were to use anything.



Mason Jar Madness

Normally breakfast was a meal I would skip altogether. It’s not ideal but I get up very early and cooking in the morning isn’t something I have time for.
Salvation = Mason Jars! I am completely obsessed with mason jars since I’ve discovered how easy and fast it is to prepare breakfast smoothies in advance as a grab and go. The clean up is minimal with the new mason jar lid inserts that include straws…it’s absolutely easy!  I now have time for breakfast and it takes less than 2 minutes to blend them up before I leave for work and I don’t have to worry about washing out my blender before I leave.

My new favorite smoothie is Almond Banana Chai.