Just One Of My Favorite Things

Do you have the song from Sound of Music in your head? “These are a few of my favorite things…” I bet you do now!

I actually just want to highlight one of them right now. Fresh Local Produce!!!

One of the first things that amazed me after I moved here is the selection of fresh local produce. There are weekly farmer’s markets in nearly every town surrounding Seattle and Seattle has one in nearly each of it’s distinct neighborhoods. I have a favorite place, Yakima Fruit & Vegetable Market, I like to visit to purchase all of my produce and fresh flowers. They are family run and even carry local dairy items, assorted local honey, as well as plants and canning supplies. When it shuts down at the end of fall, I order fresh produce from an online farm co-op to have fresh produce delivered to my door through winter until they open again for Spring.

Our office has a weekly delivery of fresh fruit from local farms. It’s all organic and beautiful. We get a varied selection each week and never know what will be delivered but it’s usually some combination of 4 or 5 of these different fruits: apples, berries, pears, dried apricots, grapes, cherry tomatoes, plums, plumcots and today we got our first delivery of Rainier Cherries. I grew up thinking I hated cherries because the only ones I ever saw were chocolate covered in a goopy disgusting cream, or served in a sickeningly sweet bright red gel covering cheesecakes or in a too tart pie of cherry pie filling. These fresh cherries however, are delicious and the perfect balance of sweet and tart. They are almost plum like in texture and they are wonderful and they just came into season. Now I get to enjoy this wonderful treat as my mid-morning snack.






Molly Moon’s Ice Cream – We All Scream?

I was strolling around University Village on Sunday with a couple of my friends. They wanted to stop for ice cream at Molly Moon’s. I have lived in the Seattle area for 3 years now & this was my first visit to Molly Moon’s. I am admittedly not the biggest fan of ice cream. I do not dislike it but it is never my first choice as a dessert. However, I decided to at least sample a flavor or two since my friends were partaking. They had some very interesting flavors up for offer, both seasonal & everyday. I found the “Cheese platter sampler” particularly interesting; one of the flavors included is Cherry Goat Cheese, which is made with Gothberg Farms Chèvre. I ended up sampling Balsamic Strawberry & stopped there. It was delicious. It is not overly sweet in the way a standard strawberry ice cream is. It also has an incredible depth of flavor. All in all I quite enjoyed it. The staff was friendly, the shop was clean and smelled like waffles as they were making the waffle cones right in front of me, the ice cream is quite good & different than the standard flavored fare offered by most places. They have vegan flavors as well and their website allows you to suggest flavors. From reading their website and blog, it’s very easy to ascertain this company is committed to local, organic, quality ingredients from the milk and honey to the lavender and berries…that is reason enough to try & love them. Not to mention the absolutely adorable logo and cute cups the ice cream comes in. 20140505-132518.jpg 20140505-132741.jpg 20140505-132755.jpg