Almond Banana Chai Smoothie

  • Yogurt (I usually go for Greek yogurt but you can use regular)
  • Chai spices or Chai concentrate (I made my own concentrate by steeping chai tea bags in boiling water and then letting it cool.)
  • Almond Milk or any milk of your choice
  • Almond Butter
  • Frozen Banana
  • Optional – Ground Flax Seed (I like the additional nutty flavor and a little extra fiber never hurt anyone.)
  • Optional – Ice (if you want to thicken it further)

Combine everything in the mason jar, screw the blender blade onto mouth of the mason jar and blend until combined.

Note: I mix everything (except the banana & ice) together in the mason jar the night (or days) before. I add the frozen banana right before blending.

You’ll likely notice I don’t add sweetener to this. You can sweeten to your own tastes. I find the yogurt and banana seem to do the job just fine for me but I’d likely add honey if I were to use anything.