The first day of fall FINALLY came and Seattle got rain…oh how I’ve missed the rain!!! Anyway…one of the events I get most excited about during the fall is Halloween. I love Halloween!!! One of my favorite authors got behind a little campaign called All Hallows Read. The idea of it is that you send a “scary” book to people in your life and¬†encourage them to start a tradition of reading on Halloween or the week of Halloween or JUST TO READ. What is not to like about this??? I love books, I love scary books, and I love the idea of getting people in my life reading scary books! I especially love the idea of encouraging children to read.

The first year this was started I sent books to my nephews. It can be difficult to find books for children that are scary without being TOO scary but Amazon will break out books based on the reader’s age so it makes things much easier. This year I might include a few other people on my “All Hallows Read” list. I just ordered Frankenstein and Dracula for my toddler niece. The BabyLit board books are SO GREAT!!!! If you are interested in doing this you can get more information from